Remembrance Card

Cleveland's Remembrance Cards commemorate a loved one’s life. Printed on double sided card they can include a verse or prayer and photographs of the person who has died as well as some personal information. These cards are typically handed out at smaller funerals and memorial services.

Service Sheet

Cleveland's Service Sheets can be as personalised to suit your needs. Printed on double sided A4 card they can include a order of service, verses, prayers, multiple photographs as well as some personal information. Custom service sheets are also an option with a wide range of different layouts. Come in and see us, we are happy to show you examples.

Thank You Cards

Cleveland's Thank You Cards are made to match your Cleveland's Service Sheets. A personalised message can be placed on the inside. Printed on double sided A5 card and come with envelopes providing the perfect Thank You to those that helped and supported your family.


Music speaks to our hearts, especially in a funeral service. Every funeral has music and has done for many years. Hymns played on the church organ, our favourite artists music, a family member or members singing or playing an instrument, a band, a choir, bagpipes or bugle we can organise any music you wish.

Photo Boards

Pictures say a thousand words and a photo board is one way we can display photos at a service or reception creating a visual collage that showcases the life and memories of a loved one.

Photo Tributes

Photo Tributes are the perfect way to display a persons life and all the loving memories the you have shared and created with them. Cleveland can time this with a favourite song or songs and this can create a most treasured moment in a service.

Funeral Photography

Funeral Photography is becoming more popular. Clevelands will hire a professional photographer on your behalf and they will take photos of the service and reception. As with weddings, a funeral is often a time for wider families to come together and can provide a very good opportunity to get family photos.

Audio Recording

When a family member is unable to make it to the service there are a few options we have to take the service them. A audio recording of the service is one of our solutions, we record all the audio of the service then present this to the family after the service on a personalised USB stick.

Video Recording

Another option we have is a video of the service. This option is very popular. After the service the video is edited and placed on a Clevelands USB stick. This gives high resolution and will work anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is the perfect solution for family members and friends that are overseas or just unable to make it to the service but wish to watch the service live, we can do this from either of our chapels or any venue that has an accessible, strong and fast internet connection.