In a hospital or rest home

When death occurs in a hospital or care facility they will arrange for all the necessary medical certificates to be completed.

Rest homes often request information at the time of admittance. Questions such as the main contact person, preference of Funeral Director, and whether the person’s wish is to be buried or cremated.

When a resident dies in their care, a rest home or hospital will offer to contact us on your behalf. The care provider will inform us of the death and arrange a convenient time to transfer the deceased to the funeral home. Making your instructions clear to them is important.

  • Tell the rest home or hospital staff if you wish to spend time with the person who has died prior to us transferring them to the funeral home.

  • Leave a phone number and address so we can make contact with you.

  • An indication of time frames when you would like to be contacted by us is also helpful.

At home

If a relative or friend dies at home, the first person you should contact is their doctor. If the doctor has treated the deceased in the last month or so, and he or she can confirm the cause of death, a medical certificate of cause of death will be issued.

The next step is to contact us. We will arrange a convenient time to effect the transfer to the funeral home and to make the necessary funeral arrangements. Remember you can contact us if you are at all unsure and we will help you through the steps.

Out of town or overseas

Contact us immediately. Our focus will be to get your loved one home as soon as possible. We will make all the arrangements and prepare the required documentation. You will be kept fully informed of progress and once the preliminary arrangements have been finalised, we can discuss the funeral details.

Sudden, accidental or unexpected

The first and most important step is to seek medical attention immediately! If the death is sudden or accidental, or the cause of death cannot be confirmed, it is the medical attendant’s (doctor’s) responsibility to notify the coroner (and the police). The person should be moved as little as possible as it is the role of the police to examine the place of death to ascertain the background and circumstances of the death.

The next step is to contact us. (06) 345 5522 We are here for you 24/7

It is important to note that when the police engage the contracted funeral home, it is to transfer the body from the place of death only. It is your right to contact us so we can attend to the funeral arrangements on your behalf.

The coroner will ascertain the cause of death, which may involve a post mortem examination.

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